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"We Don't Want All The Business Just Yours."

This service allows us to tap into your situation with the help of tarot and many other forms of spiritual divination, this gives us a clear road map on your overall situation.

During a spell consultation, we take an in depth look at what blockages lie before you, and we find out what solutions are available for your current issues.


Consultations are required for all spell cases, before taking on a case we inquire confirmation from spirit in regards to whether or not a case is resolvable through spell work, in some circumstances spiritual work may not be the answer. It is our duty to ensure that before taking on any case, there are is no false hope. Only assurance that the work your dollar is paying for will be successful. 

Often times, we hit a roadblock that prevents us from achieving our goals. 

You can try with all your might to remove the block but can’t seem to make it move.

 These are the times in which one must turn to Magick. One must call upon the universe’s forces for assistance.

 A practitioner of Magick, one who has a thorough understanding of your obstacle,

We  can advise and guide you how to removal the obstacle and have safe passage on your journey.

A Personal Consultation Includes:


  • Explain what magical help you are seeking.


  • Feedback on what you are doing to further hinder your situation.


  • Receive an oracle or tarot reading depending on that which you are seeking.


  • Advisement on spell work and what to do next.


You Can Have a Consultation with Me for Anything.

No matter the issue, you can confide in me. I will not judge you or make you feel like you are not welcome to express yourself candidly. We can work together to find a solution to your problem.